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Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D for Microsoft Azure

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Visual Guide to: #HelloWorldLive: .NET 6 & .NET Conf


.NET November is close!

We're less than a month away from the official launch of .NET 6 at the .NET Conf! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining Frank Boucheros and Jeff Fritz as they hosted an hour-long conversation on what we can expect from the release and the conference! The show aired live on Microsoft Learn TV but you can watch the replay here!

Screenshot of video call showing three participants - two men and 1 woman - with a purple background enclosing the scene

A Visual Guide to the Episode!

Want a sneak peek at what they covered? I've got good news - I was a guest on the show to host my popular #ABSee segment (more on that later) so I took the time to sketchnote what I heard.

Watch the time-lapse of the process here:

And take a look at the final visual guide below. You can download a high-resolution version here that may easier to read. Here are the topics covered with links to the relevant segment of the video replay:

An illustrated set of notes covering topics discussed in the Hello World show on Oct 13

What I learned:

As a relative newbie to .NET, here are my 5 takeaways:

  • The new "Minimal API Approach" favors less ceremony and faster starts. Code is more readable, regular patterns are abstracted into automated code, and there are more utilities to simplify popular workflows.

  • Getting started with C# is easier now with C# Notebooks - one click to open them in VS Code, and explore syntax interactively with a structured set of lessons!

  • Web developers get some new components to play with in .NET Blazor that will make SPA (Single Page Application) development faster and more performant. I particularly loved the <ErrorBoundary> approach to make exception handling more intuitive within component hierarchies.

  • .NET Conf is coming up fast (Nov 9-11) with top-tier speakers from industry and community - and there's a virtual Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event happening the day before (Nov 8) that will tie in nicely!

  • There are many opportunities to learn .NET - even try .NET in the browser - but if you want prefer instructor led sessions, look for Learn Live sessions on the agenda!

A-B-See: Play to Learn!

As I mentioned before, I was there to host the popular #ABSee segment - an interactive game where I show you a visual puzzle and you have to guess the concept, service, or person, I am talking about using the clues I provide.

How does that work? Here's an example of a clue that was shown on the show yesterday - the tweet gives the answer away, but in the live show, you would have a minute or so to share your guesses with us.

Why #ABSee? Because 65% of us are visual learners so visualizing a concept makes it easier for us to understand and recall it. Plus, puzzles are a known way to help humans make connections and solve problems intuitively. Explore past puzzles on the #ABSee Site and view more visual guides at @sketchthedocs

Here are the five puzzles from yesterday's show - with answers and links to resources that can help you learn more! Hope you found that fun! Open the image in its own tab to see the high-resolution version!


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