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I have a traditional CS degree with a second degree in Pure Math. However, I never really clicked in the degree because I faced a lot of mental health issues. In addition, I rushed through the degrees so quickly (2 years) because I spent my first 3 years in college in the chemistry track. As a result, I didn't learn as deeply as I needed/wanted to.

Being unhappy with my current track, I took an intro CS course in my second semester 3rd year and absolutely loved it. Up until that point, my only experience was a brief stint doing Tumblr and MySpace themes.

I declared the major after I took 3 more courses the following semester. Then, I started to struggle with depression and was never really present in my classes. I only arrived to labs and take exams.

I graduated and worked as an engineer at a bank for 2.5 years not doing anything for myself to learn/relearn anything. In the middle of 2018, being faced with a family health issue at home, I took a leap of faith and quit my job to help my family and in between helping them, I would revive my love for programming again by committing to learning new things, relearning what I learned from college and doing a passion project I wanted to do since almost 10 years ago (way before I even knew what CS was).

So, I have two origin stories, if that makes sense. It's really funny that I see this discussion thread now because I wrote a little about my second origin story as my first ever post on this platform two days ago:

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