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Free modern, project based HTML/CSS course for beginners

When I started out as a developer, I learnt so many HTML tags, and as many CSS rules as I could learn, but every time I built a website, it somehow did not end up looking like a website. To learn, I used to download free templates online, just to have a look at how they were built so I could learn.

Why the hell are there so many nested divs ? How do these people even think about such structures? It always felt like building websites was a complicated science. Well if you are at that point in your career, this course is for you.

I created a free, practical course to teach you how to implement this design this mockup, covering so much about implementing practical designs in HTML & CSS, with a little touch of flexbox, just enough to get you going as a developer.

Here's a list of things we'll learn in this short course:

  • How to get started setting up a new project
  • Moving from any design tool to HTML/CSS
  • How to build responsive layouts with flex box
  • Designing common web components
  • Design tips for more responsive web designs

And so much more.

Please share this course with someone who needs it 🔥.

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