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Now, if only it grabbed them across ALL my projects (or my org Git repos) and sent an email to everyone interested + dashboard that would be the best stand up tool!


And then we'd never need to talk to each every again. Yay!


This is a good idea - I may write a little node script to use this tool and do just this! :)


Hit me up then, it would be great OSS or side project,

That didn't work for me, so instead I did the following to list all my git repos in ~/src

find . -depth -5 -type d -name ".git" | sed -e "s/\(\.\/\)\(.*\)\(\.git\)/~\/src\/\2/g" | tr '\n' ','

I could help you on the "across ALL my projects" part. Wrote something similar to remember what I did (and where).


How about this one ? It can grab "wth did I do last week??" data from other sources, not just git repos, see for the current set of plugins. It does not solve the "dashboard" part but it definitely produces something that can easily be copypasted into any "status report" e-mail :)


And then we'd never need to talk to each other. Yay!

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