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Started to build game server for indie developers

For the last months I didn't write anything, isolation in the house, work and work. Searching for the new contracts to work in free time, it was a bit exhausting :) and I decided to build something new for me.

I've just started to work on generic purporse game server for indie developers. I have already implemented key, value storage, leaderboards, guest auth by device id and working on the social networking.

I know that nakame exists, but it's challenge to make my own server and apply it for the current games in the market. Crystal Blast starting from 2.1 release version would use own analytics platform and storage instead of Firebase.

Plan to go away for external tools like firebase, game services and have everything in house and in the same time as cheap as possible.

Planning to open source it in 2-3 months if the games in prod will work fine.

Update: Crystal Blast is going to have sounds, leaderboards, settings syncing between platforms by using social sign in.

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