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Boris B.
Boris B.

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Is React ➕ Firebase the perfect combo?

Am just learning React js and am wondering if React and Firebase are the right pick for my projects going forward. What do y'all think?

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Chaoming Li

I have built an open-source project using React and Firebase. They work quite well together.

I am using Firebase authentication for user sign-in. It's very simple to enable social single-in. Some strange rules that favour Google login though.

I am also using Firestore to save some basic user information and activity logs.

If you are interested in checking it out, here is the link:

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Monica Macomber

Do you mean React + using Firebase to store data? I'm no database pro, but that's what Andrew Mead chose for his React class and I liked working with it.

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Boris B.

Exactly, React using firebase as a backend.

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Jabali Ndungu

I'm working specifically with react native for a mobile app, firebase has been great to work with in development so far.