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My 2019 "Brag Document"

This post is based on the work of Julia Evans, explained on her blog post Get your work recognized: write a brag document.

According to Evans, a brag document is simply a list of everything you accomplished and learned during a certain period of time. In order to keep a better track of my professional progress, I created a document on Github and wrote everything I thought was worth of notice during the year, and this is the result.

Goals for 2019:

  • [x] Improve my Java coding skills
  • [x] Add projects to my Github profile
  • [x] Participate of more women-centered meetups
  • [ ] Improve my Python coding skills

Goals for next year

  • Finish my masters' on Software Engineering.
  • Contribute more to open source projects.
  • Study Design Patterns and make better use of them at work.
  • Read at least one technical book.

Projects (stats from june to december)

  • Projects contributed to on Gitlab: 18
  • Merge requests: 51

Design & documentation

  • Documentation:
    • Created the Wiki page for my team's project on Gitlab and added the Code Review Guidelines.
    • Code Review process and Test-Driven Development studies (see Company Building for details)

Company building

  • 1st Experimentation Day: Me and two other colleagues studied code review methodologies and came up with a way to implement the process in the company. We also created checklists for the code author and the reviewer with the main points that should be checked during the review process. Our study was shared with the Development Department.
  • 2nd Experimentation Day: I studied the principles of Test-Driven Development and wrote a document explaining the basic concepts, the best practices and how to implement the process in the company.

What I learned

  • Improved my skills on Java programming.
  • Improved my skills on Linux command-line.
  • Completed the course Objected-Oriented Programming with Java from ITA on Coursera (received a certificate).
  • Learned how to implement unit software tests with JUnit 5.
  • Completed the course TDD - Test-Driven Development from ITA on Coursera (received a certificate).
  • Learned how to use:
    • Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams
    • Docker
    • GitLab
    • Maven

Outside of work

  • Participated of Hacktoberfest and made my first open-source contributions on Github.

Industry recognition

  • Received a kudo card from a female colleague that said that I was an inspiration to her and also one of the reason why she didn't leave the industry. ❤️

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