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re: Thanks for the reply! I checked out and got a good grasp of it, It seems very similar to worker queues that I'm currently worki...

Oh yeah, there are times were CRUD is a better fit than ES. If the solution is simple, once off and not the core to your business, building a CRUD app is fine. So CRUD is a workable implementation for a todo list app that's only used by a handful of people internally in the business

If it's anything more complex than that (and most things are), or it's something that is crucial to the success of your business, ES is a better fit. It forces you to understand your domain and it's language, rather than throwing an extra column into a table to hack the a solution in.

To give another example, if you need a blog for your business, for some basic marketing, CRUD is usually fine. If your business is about blogs, understanding how they work and how people use them, then ES is a better fit.

Hope that helps.

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