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Lead Developer and Solutions Architect, I specialise in Event Sourcing, DDD and Event Driven systems. PHP and GoLang developer. Enjoys being a smart ass and having a nice whiskey.

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MSc in Computer Science, Trinity College, Dublin


Lead Developer and Solutions Architect at Contractor

Estimating software: How to deal with requests for estimates

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Template Driven Development: Why it doesn't work

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Introducing DDD to your Company

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Folder Structure and Frameworks: What is exerting control?

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Managing projectors is harder than you think

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Domain Driven Design for Everyone Else

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Communication styles - Working effectively as a team

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Acceptance testing your PHP app with ease

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Immediate vs eventual consistency

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Writing a DSL parser using PegJS

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Projection Building Blocks: What you'll need to build projections

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Write DSLs and Code Faster

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Event Granularity: Modelling events in event driven applications

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Developer deprogramming: Getting started in Event Sourcing

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Immediate Consistency in Event Sourcing

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Event Sourcing: What it is and why it's awesome

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Messy Event Flows: Part 2 - What it should be

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Messy Event Flows: Part 1

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Notes from "Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests"

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Cleaning up your codebase with a clean architecture

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Why I don't like traits

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Hi, I'm Barry O Sullivan

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