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The Need to log

bartolomeuss profile image Bart ・2 min read

And so it begins

Once I became serious about coding, I never expected to be blogging about it and yet here we are... Tbh I have no clue what to think of it for now. However it does feel good, like some sort of driving force, a commitment, not only to learn to code but also to show my coding journey. Anyway I'll try my best to keep up with post and discuss the things that I learn. If not for nothing else it will be a nice documentation of my evolution as a developer.

Starting off I'll give a brief overview about my coding experiences so far. I only recently realised that I first started coding once I was on high-school about 20 years ago. it was coding alright but not with the purest of intentions... My first coding experience was coding little cheatsheets in to my old TI-82 Graphing Calculator. Not only was this a task that took longer than to actually study for my test it also turned out to be useless as we weren't allowed to use our own calculator.

My next encounter with coding came many years later when I got the question to make a website for one of my friends. it was a very simple website more like an online business card with out much actual code other than a button that revealed an email address.

Now we have come to my most recent coding episode, the one where I decided to actually systematically learn to code, the episode I find myself in today. It started about 6 weeks ago or so when I was in lockdown (original I know...). I've been low key learning to code for the past year using sites like and watching YouTube tutorials. But now I felt I really wanted to go for it and I bought myself a subscription on Scrimba.

I'm currently enrolled in the front end career-path and I'm about half way. I love the way it teaches with an interactive way of typing code. It is nice to have a solid base and a solid path to follow because otherwise it can be overwhelming to know where ant what to learn. I'll be keeping you updated on what I learn and my progress.

Thanks for reading and till next post,


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