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Azure Quantum? Here's a Gentle Dive

Recently, Microsoft announced Azure Quantum - a new cloud service offering from Microsoft.

According to the Azure Quantum official website, "Azure Quantum is a diverse set of quantum services, ranging from pre-built solutions to software and quantum hardware, providing developers and customers access to some of the most competitive quantum offerings on the market". What does this mean? You might be just as curious as I was at first.

Well, after watching the YouTube video below and after some more digging, I discovered something AMAZING! Which is exactly what I would be sharing with you in this article. Don't ask me about this yet. 😁

To begin with, Azure Quantum provides a wide array of 'not-seen-before' quantum services like – quantum simulators and resource estimators, Azure classical compute, Quantum Development Kits (QDKs), quantum servers and hardware, including other pre-built quantum solutions that allow users to target a variety of hardware for best performance.

Azure Quantum has been adored for its list of features which include, but not limited to these listed below:

  • Speed, Support, Security, Scale and Support from Azure and its partners
  • Quantum hardware system options with a variety of different qubit architectures
  • Quantum software, including simulators and resource estimation tools, scaled by Azure compute

As stated on the official website, Azure Quantum will launch in private preview in the coming months, and companies/organizations who wish to join the Azure Quantum movement should apply to join the Microsoft Quantum Network here.

Azure Partners
Partner Organizations that the Azure Quantum team is working with to deliver its Azure Quantum promises

Here's a video below that talks about the recent partnership between Azure Quantum and Ford motors, and how Ford is exploring the way Microsoft’s quantum solutions can help them solve problems that haven't been traditionally solved before. Amazing, right? 😊

Introducing the Azure Quantum stack

Azure Quantum Stack is a newly introduced Azure stack for Microsoft Quantum (more on this later). The Azure Quantum stack is a set of quantum hardware and servers, quantum software and solutions, designed to help organizations deliver Quantum services from their own data centers. provides developers and quantum solution providers with tools, languages, and solutions for their quantum requirements. It is a full-stack and open-source cloud ecosystem that improves the performance and scalability of Quantum solutions.

Azure Stack
The Microsoft Quantum Stack. Azure Quantum is the world's first full-stack, open cloud ecosystem for quantum impact

Microsoft Quantum and Q-Sharp

Microsoft Quantum is a truly full-stack quantum ecosystem, delivered through Azure’s global cloud services platform. Hence, the Azure Quantum Stack provisions Microsoft Quantum.

Microsoft has also made quantum learning resources; like, samples, self-guided katas (a series of self-paced tutorials), code libraries, quickstarts, tutorials, notebooks, blogs, and community support in the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit; available.

Q-Sharp (Q#) is the programming language for quantum computing offered by Microsoft. If you are new to this technology, and would like to learn more about Q# and it's amazing functionalities, head over here.

I believe this short (well, I think it is) article has provided you with some useful insights around Microsoft Quantum as well as the Azure Quantum. And I hope you found out the AMAZING thing I discovered :)

Thanks for sticking till the end, you're AMAZING!


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