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3 Tools to Build and Deploy a Web App for FREE

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If you are new to programing you don't need to download anything just need a chrome browser...

  1. Make an account on Github. Free code storage.
  2. Log into Codesandbox with the same GitHub account. Free online code editor.
  3. Use the new GitHub account to log in to Netlify. Free web app hosting.
  4. Take our FREE course to use these tools and build Dice Roller 9000.

Links: Github, Codesandbox, Netlify


Github is facebook for developers, but instead of sharing stories and pics, we store our code there. Codessandbox is an online code editor. Netlify can pull our code from Github and publish it on the internet so anyone can see it. It takes less than seven minutes to set this all up and deploy a simple web page.

Check out our FREE course if you want to try these tools and build a tabletop RPG dice roller app! The app is not the most fantastic thing ever, but it is pretty cool for your first app.

Come check out our Twitch stream most weekdays 11 am MST.

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