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Release 0.3: Contributing to IPC144

Follow the meta issue-18 me and my colleagues have a chance to contribute fixing and updating the docs for the IPC144 project


This time, fixing the docs is quite different that what I have used to before. This time under the meta issue I have a huge checklist that suggested me to go through to make the docs accessible, imrpove readability and speed up the loading proccess of the docs.

In my PR-121. I try to catch any typo and unclear statments through Grammarly and keep reading one paragraph over and over each time if I could be able to understand the author point clearly. I fix invalid link to ASCII and EBCDIC markdown doc. I also fix all the code identation to not be double spaced. That is all the work I have done with this PR and I really happy about it where I did take a good look at all the details and trying to collaborate with the previous author idea .

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