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Surviving week 2: Mix feeling

Lab 2

I have an honor to work with Quiwen Yu for this week's lab. You guys can come an check out her amazing work at QuiwenTextHTMLPress. My impression when I was looking for a partner to review an open source project was very welcoming and enjoyable to be honest. The only problem will be finding people who using or known the programming language that you use for your project, such people would be able to tell you more about what you can improve on for your project. Otherwise finding a person to work and contribute into an open source project would have been the easiest thing for release 0.1.

It is not easy at all to review code in python. Luckily, I did have a chance to learn a bit basic about python and was surprising on how clear and straight forward python could be to do the same task. Qiwen also give me a clear direction on how to set up and install the dependencies needed for the project to run smoothly.

Issue 1: I found our that Qiwen did not handle the spaces correctly so leading to a small bug which treating the tittle the same way they would treat the rest of the content.

Issue 2: This is not a big issue but something will help the project as we move on. A link to the project will help the user have a quick look of the project and might discover some bug right away without having to take a look at the code

My repo's issue: Qiwen on the opposite did suggest me to improve my file to be more clear and give useful instruction on how to set up my project on other dev's computer. I did make a few change to my file and hope it become less vague to the contributor.

My project did post a challenge which I could not seem make it to process a folder that have space in the name. I would take a note on this and improve it as we move on. I did learn to communicate with other dev which a very crucial skill to improve on. Also, getting used to the testing and debugging procedure will help me to level up my game a lot.

My feeling

As the previous blog post, I did mention that I leave the deadline and did not start it 24 hours before the due date. I really did learn to work under pressure but I come to realize that my goal for now will not be working under pressure but try to learn and enhance my skills set as much as possible. To be honest, I feel lost and doubting myself for taking this program and this course for the whole period working on release 0.1 . But by the end of the day, I know that I'M the one to be flamed . I did not try to learn new skill during the summer and trying hard enough chasing this career. I will need to straighten myself starting next week.

I did have a chance to finish all the lecture this week and feeling like a git master already. My fear for git command line disappear and I actually have a really good understanding about git now and did not afraid to use the command line anymore.
Git stagging

From my own experience, good thing usually start off roughly but the result is deserving. LOOKING FORWARD TO PUSH MYSELF MORE !

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