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Week 2 : A lot of opportunity ahead

We are heading by the end of week 2 with a lot of opportunity to expanding our lovely Telescope project

Things I work on during the week

I have been working on 2 PR during the week PR-2665 where I pick up @yodawgz0 work on idicate the status of the build. My first attempt was to figure it out how the code work after I follow the long conversation between Andrew and @yodacanada on what could have been work on. After I spent time working on refactoring the code we all come to agree that the logic have been implementing in another PR (dev life :)) and we only need to automate loading status using icon from material-icon and delete datetime-calculator.js since I find no usage for it. For this PR we still need to automate a webhook build from Github which I filed an issue-2701, I might need to investigate more since the build data seem not showing up properly on my end even though I had pinged one of the maintainers to trigger a buid manually but we did not see any information related to the build showing up.

The second PR which is quite easy where I only need to wrap the embedded Youtube video preview in an <a> tag

This week I have to say Gitpod really got me. It is way too convenience to work on it even though I was not master it yet. It automate rebuilding container images for me and get everything set up and ready to go. The only things I would need to figure it out on how I can rebuild all the images. What I did was to turn off the workspace and try to access it again which is not optimize at all.

Moving on to 2.6 release

Yesterday on Slack people was having fun of someone breaking production because of their search PR.
So that what people think and act which is possitive for the work. People don't just freak out but instead slowly looking for trouble and fix it. Just like what our prof say in the first meeting. He hope all of us get good at getting lost !

Coming into the next release I hope to contribute on the beggining of the React Native part of our project. People on the group also show many good idea on how to improve it. I would love to help out and also maybe implement a copy to clipboard button for code area in students blog post ! Looking forward to crash production !

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