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Discussion on: Two-way data binding in vanilla JS (POC)

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Thanks for the article. How would you expand on this?
Unless I am understanding it wrong, It looks like the render function updates everything that has a binding. Would you make it so that it only updates the bindings that had changes?

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Sushil Kundu • Edited on

Yes. You are right. Here is the updated code.

const createState = (state) => {
return new Proxy(state, {
set(target, property, value) {
target[property] = value; // default set behaviour
render(property); // updates the view every time the state changes
return true;

const state = createState({
name: '',
title: ''

const render = (property) => {
document.querySelector([data-model=${property}]).value = state[property];

const listener = (event) => {
const {type, value, dataset} =;
state[dataset.model] = value;

document.querySelector('[data-model="name"]').addEventListener('keyup', listener);

document.querySelector('[data-model="title"]').addEventListener('keyup', listener);