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What's new at Bearer? 2019 was busy...

It's already the end of January but it's not too late to summarize all the great things the Bearer team brought in 2019... and give you a glimpse into the future.

The Bearer Agent

Instructions to install the Bearer Agent in a Node.js project.

The instructions to install the Bearer Agent in a Node.js project. That's all it takes!

API calls are at the very heart of your app. That's why we built a tool to help you monitor them at a glance: introducing the Bearer Agent (now out of beta!).

Available in Node.js and Ruby, the Agent helps you to:

  • Discover every API used in your app and organization.
  • Get detailed logs of every single API call.
  • Be notified of API incidents before your users warn you!

The Agent sends data of your API requests asynchronously to Bearer. Without redirecting or impacting its traffic. It's totally transparent and secure.

⇢ Learn more and get started with the Agent in 2 minutes 🚀

New Dashboard

The Bearer Dashboard with API monitoring data.

The Bearer Dashboard with API monitoring data.

A few months ago we launched a brand new dashboard to provide insights around your APIs usage and performance.

Today, with “Rules & Incidents”, you can be notified when APIs you rely on are failing. This provides your team with the ability to react instantly to APIs failures and take critical action within your app.

Rules & Incidents can be set when:

  • APIs experience spike of errors (4xx and 5xx)
  • APIs experience latency deviations (response time)
  • API calls are bursting

You can be notified by email, Slack but also Webhooks, which let you disable features on-the-fly to improve your user experience.

⇢ Setup notifications for API incidents 🚨

What else?

We’ve also introduced many features to improve how to deal with third-party APIs, especially:

  • Log sharing by links. To let you share with anyone the full request and response of one of your API call. Here's an example. This makes debugging requests with members of your team easier.
  • Filter logs by a time window. This was one of the top features requested. Now you can find all the logs that happened on January the 1st (and any other period) with only a few clicks.
  • Brand new documentation. More clear and searchable docs. We are actively improving our documentation with every new feature coming as well as adding guides. Find out more.

And this is only the beginning... stay tuned for some amazing new features the team is currently working on! 2020 will be an exciting journey 🚀

The Bearer team

PS: This post was originally published on the Bearer blog.
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