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Discussion on: A simple way to detect if browser is on a mobile device with Javascript

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Oskar Bechtold

That link shows that using UserAgent is unreliable. If you trust my comment you don't need to read the source :-)

In one of our projects, we have a workaround that checks for screen size, pixel density, touch and other features only available on mobile devices. It seems to work reliably, but it is an Angular module, that I can't share at the moment. Unfortunately, we don't have a plain JS solution yet. That's also the reason why I did search for a simpler way again (for a non-angular project) and found your solution. At first, I was amazed, but then I realized that we have tried this approach in the past and it was not reliable enough for what we needed. So I just wanted to leave this comment here, so people know about it. For this project, I'm back to simple breakpoints considering the width of the screen.