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Discussion on: When and how did you learn to code?

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BEGRAFX • Edited

I first learned to code back in about 1981, when I was in 8th grade. Our school got a (Yes, singular) Commodore 64 computer, and I started learning BASIC. I took additional classes through high school and starting college. A friend who was working on his CS degree told me that Pascal was "The" language I should know, so I took a class, bought Borland Turbo Pascal, and eventually, as it took Pascal's place as the language to know, I bought Borland C++, trying to teach myself; but never really "got it". In 1995, I started teaching myself HTML, which wasn't too difficult. In 2010 I went back to school to finish my Bachelor's degree, improving my HTML skills, and learning CSS, and little PHP and JavaScript. I'm currently working on improving my JS skills, and learning Python (and pondering also Java or Ruby or Go or Kotlin, or something like that.) Never stop learning, as they say.

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Sebastian Schürmanns Author

ahh, I remember that there was a big hype about Turbo Pascal when I was a student, but I was not into coding at that time :D

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Very similarly I started coding on school computers (we had 1 C64, 2 C16s and 1 CPlus4), it was in 1988. BASIC, assembly.
Then PCs came, Turbo Pascal (great IDE and Turbo Vision GUI), assembly, C, C++, Delphi, Java 1.1
Internet era: PHP3, JavaScript (here somewhere I finished my university studies in '99)
Since then C#, PHP, Java, some minor Android development, and now learning Rust.

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