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10 Must-have modules to increase the efficiency of your Prestashop store

Have you already seen those tons of Prestashop Modules, which are offered at the e-commerce marketplaces? It is not surprising if they confuse you a bit. They vary in price and functionality supplying Prestashop stores with a stunning look and amazing features. To save your time and effort we have wisely collected a toolkit of 10 must-have Prestashop modules and in the post below, you are going to get a quick overview of them.

Table of Contents

  1. Age Verification Page
  2. Product Hover
  3. Drop-down Menu
  4. 360 View
  5. Abandoned Cart and Customers
  6. Scroll Top Free
  7. Better Success Page
  8. Facebook All in One
  9. Add to Cart Popup 10.Advanced Search


Age Verification Page

This Prestashop add-on was developed specially for the businesses offering products or services appropriate for not all audiences. Whether your specialty is not meant for younger audiences, Age Verification Page extension will act a function of the gateway of your website. A pop-up window welcomes a visitor when he tries to enter your webstore. The functionality of the extension allows you applying it to the whole website or some specific pages only. Welcoming text and images are easily set up in the back-end.

Product Hover

Every time the shopper moves the mouse cursor over the product image, a small pop-up window comes out, bearing such details as product color, its size, in-stock / out of stock status. It is available to set up a fixed position of the pop-up or it can follow the mouse pointer when hovering throughout the product image. The adjustment is as uncomplicated as possible. It does not contain any complicated settings and literally needs a few hits of a button.

Drop-down Menu

The default PrestaShop menu is quite plain. With the help of the extended Drop-down Menu, it is transformed into a new stylish enhancement. Configure and place variable designs of the menu in the way you prefer. Adjust the speed and effects of floating animation and fill in the blocks with the content you want to embed.

360 View

Adopt 360-degree View Extension and your customers will get a closer look of the products by rotating the items like in a real shop. To use the spin effect, you have to upload 360-degree view pictures and tweak the settings a bit. It is possible to rotate the products both on a desktop and on a mobile device.

Abandoned Cart and Customers

Prestashop Abandoned Cart and Customers extension allows a store owner tracking his inactive registered visitors, as well as those who do not complete their orders and encourage them by reminding to get back to shopping in your store. The module’s functionality enables you to set up several automatic reminders, their periodicity or you even can prepare and send a personalized email with special discounts or offers right in the back office.

Scroll Top Free

This free Prestashop plugin provides an animated scroll to top link at the bottom of the page. Visitors like this useful feature as it allows getting back to the top of the page in one hit, especially when the content exceeds the browser’s height. The back-office administrator can deeply configure animation for scrolling, as well as upload a picture to serve a scroll-to-top button.

Better Success Page

Create coupons and turn your visitors into return clients with Better Success Page extension for Prestashop. On the success page, the shopper gets a coupon, which can be used in his next purchase. The settings allow you to specify the number of coupons per user. You also can display a set of related products for the shopper to buy something else. To realize if there is any effect from the coupons, you can track the order statuses in the backend.

Facebook All in One

Another Prestashop module, which lets you use the countless possibilities of Facebook. Embed a range of Facebook features in your web store and your shoppers will be able to log in using their Facebook accounts, as well as like and share any product details, automatically sharing the information about your business throughout the social network. The module also places a block of the customer’s recent activity with the link to your Facebook page.

Add to Cart Popup

Add to Cart module is one of the most popular ones among store owners. After the shopper adds a product to the cart, a pop-up window with a friendly message comes out. A customer is shown a pop-up with two options “Proceed to checkout” and “Continue shopping” alongside a range of recommended products, the number of which can be adjusted in your back office.

Advanced Search

By default, Prestashop product search is quite plain and uninformative. Advanced Search extension acts more intuitively. It gives product details just when a shopper starts typing initial letters of the product. The module offers possible variants together with product pictures, their descriptions, and prices in the search suggestions menu. Customers appreciate this feature greatly as it saves their search time. A shopper can get certain information even without moving to the product page.


It is not an easy deal to define what your e-commerce shop really needs. Especially for first-time web store owners. We are hoping the post above happened to be helpful to you and you have already picked a couple of PrestaShop extensions that will enhance your store’s functionality and grab more customers.

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