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Use Gravatar Everywhere

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What is Gravatar

Your public profile on the internet, provided by Wordpress. See

1. Upload an image to your gravatar account

If you don’t have the gravatar account, create one. Make sure that the email you used to create the account will be the email account you want to link your profile picture.

After that, upload your profile picture to gravatar.

2. Use the image everywhere

Get your md5 hash of email address

Ask DuckDuckgo
You can get the md5 checksum using duckduckgo. Search md5 {your email address} and then you will see the hash:
get a md5 hash on duckduckgo

Use Command Line
For MacOS user, you should have the md5 utility installed, go to the terminal and check:

❯ which md5

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After that, generate the md5 hash of your email address:

❯ md5 -s ""
MD5 ("") = ca49930cff2f87bd37bfe71ce21467f

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The gravatar image url is in this format:{your md5 hash}?s={size}

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If you want to have a 200px avatar:

Use this image url e.g. in a <img> tag:

<img src="" />

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And you are good to go!

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