2020 is the year I do kettlebell exercises while I wait for tests to pass or code to deploy.

Ben Halpern on January 06, 2020

I'm fortunate enough to work from home in an organization that stresses async-first communication. I have kettlebells, I have a dedicated space fo... [Read Full]
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On a side note, tests and deployments have always been my version of "compiling" in the professional environments I've worked in. I wonder if we'll ever get to a "post-waiting-around" era of computing. 🤔


Love this idea, and may adopt it into my work in some way!

I used to do a push up for every death at the end of a match in Call Of Duty. I got quite strong.


I used to do a push up for every death at the end of a match in Call Of Duty. I got quite strong.



Hahaha, so I'm not the only one that feels like inside a prison cell exercising while compiling/testing?.

For me, was with a huge test set of a Django app in a slow machine and now with Rust, the compiler is a wonder of the technology but is slow as hell.

We should start something like CodeFit, people in the streets will say: "look at that fit guy over there, he must be a coder!".


Hey cool! I got some kettlebells a couple months ago and have been doing a similar thing -- I'll do a set while code is compiling or when I need a break. I also like having them handy during leisure time, and I'll do a kettlebell plank or some snatches during TV commercials or video game loading screens. Overall it's made a big difference in the way I feel.



I was on a good rhythm and I'll acknowledge I fell off for a while. I'm hoping some more direct action-response coordination will kick me back into rhythm.


That's a great use of your time. I also have kettlebells in my home office, plus a pull-up bar and a stationary bike. I actually like to ride the bike while coding. I also tend to 'super-set' coding and kettlebells, e.x. do a set of an exercise (or combine 2 exercises), do some coding for 1-3 minutes, repeat for several rounds.


I used to do that specific one - forgot all about it. I have kettle bells and do my 10 X 3 X 20 most days. Am building a startup, so unit tests aren't that forthcoming although have written my code with DI/testability in mind etc.

Good work...


Good for you! I'm trying to work out more consistently too, but the office where I work is not a place I can do that. (With the exception of going running during my lunch hour.)


I don't think you need to work out to be fitter when coding. You just need to get out of the chair. It's the sitting sedentarily that's killing us.


That's true. Diet is more important than working out. I still want to get stronger too! 😊


I will move into my new flat next month where I gonna have a power cage inside my home office.

Let's see how buff we get :D


Sounds like someone needs to parallelize their spec files.


It's true. But deployment is a fairly fixed time we also have to cope with.


Kettlebell is good, they are my favorite gym equipment ever since I heard of them when listening a podcast of pavel tsatsouline on the Tim Ferriss show.


@ben You can do it!, I just started 50 2-handed swings in the morning, every day without exception. Wanna make it fun and see who drops first?


Ohh man.... so much pain your taking on. Good for you! Stick too it.

I am gonna brainstorm something similar. Love the concept!


Wow I have never seen such a huge motivator to move to fast incremental builds and streamlined code deployments! 🤣


We wrote a slack bot that kicks off release builds and chats back when it's ready. Then the team can tell it to kick off a promotion into an environments. As far as I know the team might been slamming the kbells while chatting with the bot and waiting for their smart watch to ping up a notification of the bot telling then the rolling deployment has completed. I posted a video of the chat bot in action on one of my dev.to posts...


Great opportunity to also mix in tabattas or mindfulness exercise.


See this is why we don't need CI systems. They take away your 15 minute exercise break!

Personally, I'm a bigger fan of using the break to brew some coffee but to each their own


since google has acheived quantum supremacy.. they might aswell release a compilation API :P


Great idea.
If you need ideas, this is my favourite kettelbell workout: k-sculpt workout.

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