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Discussion on: Is there such thing as a truly free cloud database?

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Ben Halpern

No request limits
High storage limits, or none

It seems unrealistic that this would truly exist for free with no strings attached. I'd say your best bet is to find a way to get x free credits from one of the cloud providers. There are often promos around these sort of things that can go a long way.

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Micah Lindley Author

Thanks Ben! You really never know if this kind of stuff exists though. For example, why does GitHub offer unlimited file space and unlimited reads and writes? They could make devs pay for that but they just don't. Thanks for the advice though, I'll definitely investigate that. 👍

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Edward Chan Jia Wei

As you age, I tend to think so, but in reality all the free "storage" locked in quota of API call, so your never scale, no even manage to get your passed 100k user. probably around 10k. But if your idea truly awesome, and not mainstream, probably you will get exempted.