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Discussion on: Linux Commits to Inclusive Language

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Ben Halpern

Blacklists are to become either “denylists” or “blocklists” and whitelists will become “allowlists” or “passlists”.

If english is not your first language, this seems much more intuitive that whitelist/blacklist which is doesn't seem like it would be intuitive if you weren't aware of this phrase in the first place.

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rhymes • Edited

In Italian we have "lista nera" which is colloquially used as "blacklist". We do have the opposite concept, "lista bianca" but it's much, much more rare in its usage.

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Haris Secic • Edited

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian have same thing as I wrote. I just forgot to mention that it's usually used as list of "people to remove" or list of people you hate, has no racial impact just a word from the old age and most of our devs use modified english words as ours sound silly to us

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Haris Secic

Actually not allways, depends on the language. In my native language we also called it "black list"(translated has a space). Reason is that my country never had balck people so no one found it offensive or noticed a problem with it. However blocklist would sound silly translated back and closest sane translation would mean "list of blocks" where denylist would make a bit more sense as "list of forbids".

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