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Discussion on: What are some examples of great landing pages?

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Ben Halpern Author • Edited

Stripe has a new funky landing page which I'm so-so on overall, but I like the detail of the dashed lines for the columns on the page. It's subtle, you have to look closely.

I find that it sort of shows off the infrastructure of the page's layout in a bit that is kind of on-brand with what Stripe does overall. It's a nice touch.

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Daniel Cuttridge

Personal preference, but, I think they need to lose the weird gradient overlay on the headline. That's the only thing that really throws it off for me!

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Mohamed Saleh

I was thinking the same exact thing

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Couldn't agree more!

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Ryan Kuruppu

Same. It just throws the text and color off for me.

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Owen Far

I have absolutely no idea what's happening with web design lately.. but a company with so much cash as Stripe can experiment and publish a new landing page every week if they want :)