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re: I tell them that they shouldn't use the same extremely weak password for everything and they generally don't listen.

What about password managers? Anybody take to those?


I don't know. I doubt they would be any more interested though.


My friends and family understand why they need a password manager and generated, unique passwords, but they struggle too much with the UX of password managers. When the password manager doesn't work as expected, they follow a reset password workflow to reset their password to the same old crappy password they used to use everywhere.

I think browsers, web devs, and password managers will need to work together to make password managers work on the web more reliably. Until this happens, password managers will be largely for technical users who can workaround their UX problems.


Trying to educate my wife and daughter: the only password you should remember is you Gmail one. Everything else should be generated by and saved into Chrome.
And I setup 2fa on their Gmail account.

My parents and sister, I don't even try (for now) 😉


I use them for every password sometimes I use there random generator
But I don't use them for my super important password like my gmail my github my netlify accounts etc...

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