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Discussion on: What the heck is a "Progressive Web App"? Seriously.

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Ben Halpern Author

If you are an Android user, you definitely install the PWA either way 😁

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Kalpesh Mange

I have also done for Android Chrome at work, but this PWA thing is cryptic when I see iOS. Any suggestions?

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Ronald Flores Sequeira

Why you think we didn't already?

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K (he/him)

On Android I mostly use Chrome and switch through the sites I use via the browsing history. If installed them, I would have to open different apps.

Tried this with Twitter and, but the experience simply went downhill :/

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Angel Daniel Munoz Gonzalez

What do you mean downhill?

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Davi de Carvalho

Implement it on iOS too, it’s just as easy, just use Apple meta tags