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Discussion on: What are your favorite and least favorite 2021 design trends?

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Ben Halpern Author

What do you like about it?

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Live TV Channels

While Neumorphism was imitating an extruded, plastic surface (but still looking like one layer), this new trend goes a bit more vertical. It’s most defining characteristics are:

  • Transparency (frosted-glass effect using a Background Blur)
  • Multi-layered approach with objects floating in space
  • Vivid colors to highlight the blurred transparency
  • A subtle, light border on the translucent objects.

That verticality and the fact you can see through it, means users can establish hierarchy and depth of the interface. They simply see which layer is on top of which, just like pieces of virtual glass.

Because of that glassy look, I believe the best way to call it is GLASSMORPHISM.