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This was also an opportunity to refactor the CSS and eliminate some duplication. Since we inline the critical path CSS for performance, every bite counts.

The logged in DEV home now delivers in 13.1kb with no render-blocking resources. For internal nav, the page fetches only 5.3kb because we don't need to refetch the layout and some resources.

Also experimenting with some H2 server push. 🙂


My data plan would like to thank you


We also pre-fetch some resources under the hood which adds a few more KB as you browse the site, but it's all way less than most other sites, and in the future we'll even allow some customization in your settings for how we go about fetching assets/content.


TPD is hosted on Heroku, right? How does H2 fare on it?


That's all handled via our CDN Fastly


I am always SO impressed by the responsiveness of the site--and the people working on it :D--and seriously appreciate how much content there is while not choking the connection or swarming in a million video ads that pop up randomly or hover.


It's almost as if the founder of this site thinks the web doesn't have to suck. 😄

Pfffffffffft, what a ridiculous idea! That's as whacky as implying that actual human build this stuff and not magic tube-forging robot pipelines.

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