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re: Btw, does this mean there's post collaboration? 🧐 This is the first time I see "[...] with [Person 2] and [Person 3]

It's currently an admin-only feature and it's not really general-purpose in its implementation. So no, but in the future we'll have some stuff like this.

If you want to know where my head is at: I want us to add tooling for a sort of version control for posts, so great posts can be kept up to date and be more "timeless", the same way GitHub repos can be. But without the needs of all the features of version control like git, the UI can be a lot simpler.

Stack Overflow and Wikipedia, etc. have concepts like this too. I think it's an important eventual feature for the dev.to knowledge-base evolution. We want the original author to maintain full authorship and ownership of the post, but if it can be improved or have any of the code updated, it will be good for the long run. Some posts make sense to be updated, some it makes sense for them to be maintained as a capsule in time. These are all things to think about as we evolve.

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