re: Do you think should have an API to so that you can list your posts/activity on your websites etc. ? VIEW POST

re: No. I don't think it would be a good idea. Maybe a widget that displays your posts but not an open API. Personally believe it would take away fro...

Think back to how scattered Twitter was in the early days; the features depended so much on what client you were using.

That has been a lot of the motivation for not going this route.

What we do want to improve on is opening up a few dedicated libraries everyone can use and share. Maybe that would technically involve exposing an open API. Honestly it's already technically possible in various ways, we just don't officially support any of it.

We do need to improve the ecosystem, but we have observed the issues you've described and we can benefit from not thinking of these things as totally obvious as we grow.


I'll add that I also agree with the various YES's in this thread. This is all being taken into consideration 😁

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