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I wonder if it might not be time to find a different career.

There is plenty of variety within this career so I wouldn't resign yourself to that now. But the best way to land in a position that fits your career development needs is when you are not desperate in any way.

If your current position is not ideal but not unbearable, you may be able to acknowledge "this sucks, but if I use it as a springboard to the right thing, it might be worth sticking it out". I'd definitely start making a plan for your future. And there may be some follow-up threads with questions related to what's out there and how to approach all this.

Of course I'm not advocating to stick around in an intolerable or abusive environment, but if you can, I'd try to see the situation as a stepping stone towards the opportunity that is right for you. It will give you a chance to create a plan and not be too rushed, attend meetups, find good people, make connections, discover what parts of the career make you happiest and which suck the most.


Thanks for taking the time to respond, Ben. I've been debating transitioning to infosec, but I do want to start attending local meetups so I can network.

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