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Hahaha! I saw the title and thought "Did someone actually made a job post out of a term I tried to coin on my Twitter bio".

I absolutely loved this phrase pulled from this comment:

Super glad you liked it.

Definitely what you do with Dev.to counts. You are not only doing open source work but helping others do that as well. It's an open web. I hereby, welcome you to the 🎩 #OpenSourcerer clan! 🤣

Peace! ✌️


If I am correct, you pushed to Github every day since Nov 2014, that's awesome.


GitHub is a huge part of who I am today. I have been open sourcing code since 2013 but got more serious about it in 2014. Also, I brought all my repos together on GitHub which were on BitBucket — some of them private.

I also manage my daily to-dos and a couple other workflows on GitHub. Which is why it's hard to miss a day without doing that. So, that's that. 🙌

One more thing I do is I talk about my entire year at the end of it, writing years in reviews. It's important to do that as a full-time open sourcerer or you'd get lost trying to figure out what's new and what's changed.

Read what I've been doing in 🐼 2015, 🦊 2016, and especially in 🦁 2017 →

Maybe something in there would help you do more good with your code and open source.

Peace! ✌️

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