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re: Flutter - my bet is that if this Fuchsia OS blows up, apps will be mainly written in flutter

According to some tech blogs I've came accross, Flutter is google's response to React Native. I'm currently enjoying learning flutter and building UIs with it.

As a crossplatform solution though it would have to be really amazing to beat existing solutions i.e. react native, nativescript, ionic, xamarin etc. Currently one of the most interesting thing about Flutter is its hot reload feature during dev. Downsides being currently the small (but growing) community & available plugins.

I got this crazy idea when I typed flutter on my terminal but not including any options or arguments. I saw on the list of available commands that fuchsia_reload is also listed.

What does this mean?

Apps built with flutter for Android + IOS will also run on Fuchsia!

Now I haven't dug deep enough to verify my claim but Google would have played their cards right if it were true.

Fuchsia is this not publicly disclosed but public anyway OS by google that apparently runs on anything. Wikipedia says "Fuchsia's user interface and apps are written with Flutter" which by the way is awesome because I read this after I made my guess. Fun read on fuchsia

So Flutter early adopters stand a chance of just running a build command and deploying to Fuchsia (once its a thing) other than learning a new codebase all together.

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