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re: and SO are fundamentaly different places. It's not just the direction of information, at you give at SO you ask. But SO is also quite...

Stack and DEV are definitely very different. It will be interesting to see how things evolve.

I’ve been trying to think of DEV as tooling for folks to make use of as they’d like (so long as they don’t hurt the general user experience).

Stack, DEV, Reddit, Medium, Quora, Twitter, GitHub, Discuourse, etc. There’s a bit of crossover with a lot of different platforms that serve different needs.

Staying open-minded and imaginative and seeing where things go. The constant for some of this is that we live on the open web and are therefore partners to Google.

I see value in DEV because it provides the experience in the form of POST.

I use Stack Overflow in order to consult one organized knowledge base in the form of Q/A.

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