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Fabulous post. I think this stresses the need to survive and be healthy as software developers in the little ways. 3 and 6 get at this in ways that definitely need reminding.


Yep! I wanted to write another "resolution" encouraging others to find healthier snacks and drinks to eat while working.

I think we often neglect our health just because we're used to it and the stereotypical image of a developer doesn't help either: hunched over, hot pocket-eating, coffee-guzzling code machine glued to a chair.


It would be great to read something about healthier snacks, because I don't think is good drink all the day a lot off coffe 😅

You can't go wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables. I have recently started eating blueberries while I code. Its a perfect snack and its really low in calories.

Also green tea is a good replacement if you are trying to limit coffee. It still has caffeine too.

Totally! I LOVE blueberries. I love fruits in general as a snack. Or nuts. Cashews are awesome. Better yet, cashews + berries. Tastes amazing.

I gotta try it! I just love the way coffee tastes.

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