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My code livelihood is fairly intertwined with DEV these days, so my "relaxation" time is often interesting things related to the health and future of the project, as opposed to my day-to-day which is mostly coordinating the important/urgent things for the short term health of the community and sustainability of the business.

Before we went open source, I would spend relaxing time hacking away at little things that needed to happen before we did that. These days, if I sit down to have a relaxing code session, it revolves around "generalization" of the product—where different people can create community platforms based on our work.

For example, this PR serves some immediate value, but my mindset was that it gets us closer to "generalization" by removing hardcoded static pages from the codebase.

Add application "page" model #2657

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This PR allows admins to generate "pages" about anything, such as "about".

Currently all generated pages live at /page/:slug in terms of routes, except I did add new functionality to /about in order to generate that one with the current about page being the fallback.

Eventually everything considered a "page" for community or marketing purposes can live in a model. We will have some questions about how we ultimately want to route everything.

Once this part of what we're doing gets close enough to reality, we'll pull this project in and make it something we talk about and do as "work". For now, I treat it as relaxing "me time" with no deadline or purpose outside of the interesting code arrangement questions.


That's great. I've been on several projects where I was relaxed working on the side-features. It has the added value of keeping spirits up about the necessary work, since it all feels more worthwhile as a whole then.

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