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I work from home and have a single 43” 4K LG monitor to go along with this desk situation.

monitor and desk


Looks nice. Love the lamp and the octocat thing you have on your desk.


Thanks! Yeah I’m pretty happy with the setup. Because the screen is quite big I have it on a smaller pedestal behind the desk.l and not directly in the desk.


Very nice, how do you like the glass desktop? I'm on the fence about getting one on my next desk. I love the look, but I worry about mouse 'quirks' and the sound of my coffee mug clanking after every sip of magic bean juice.


I'm assuming a 43" tv monitor? How do you find working on that compared to computer monitors?


Actually it's this monitor:

The difference between a TV and a monitor is pretty minimal if you actually dive into it. But it does have features that probably make more sense for a monitor than TV, so it's nice that way. It costs a bit more than a comparable TV would be but not by a huge amount.

Either way, the key to having a big monitor is that it needs to be 4k. 1080 HD TV just isn't crisp enough for reading and general monitor stuff.

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