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re: I Suck At Whiteboard Interviews VIEW POST


Thanks for quoting me 😊

Thanks a lot for this post, I think this inside look at your experience will help a lot of other people who aren't sure what to expect with these kinds of on-site interviews (though every one is different)

So what now for you, are you lining up other jobs?


Ben, Thank you for creating this positive space that is, I call it the developers' bible when I talk about it in public

I've got an exciting job offer to work in... NYC actually! As I'm French, the only problem that I might encounter is the Visa, but the company is working on that to start next September.
Also, just in case something goes wrong, I am being interviewed right now by Shopify, yet plenty interviews to come! Yeah! haha


Awesome on all accounts! If everything works out, let's meet up when you get here. I speak French too. 😝

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