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re: Hey Ben, what's your current monthly cost for running DEV on Heroku?

Our base Heroku cost with direct Heroku stuff is about $1200/mo, plus we have many other costs that don't map directly to Heroku (other cloud services). We have some fat to cut in some places, but the relative cost of software developer salaries leaves the tech costs as having a pretty minimal footprint.


At what kind of traffic? Daily impressions, etc?


Wow. Very impressed with the low spend.


How's the breakdown? You said DEV uses a Performance-L dyno which is $500/month.

How much do you pay for the managed Postgres instance? Also, I know that DEV uses Fastly, what's your average bill over there?

I'm trying out Fastly for my upcoming service, trying to have a gauge on my monthly expenses. 😁

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