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Here's what I built my personal site with and I'd do it again:

Plain-old HTML, CSS and a bit of plain old JavaScript. One of the biggest impediments for going back to update a thing are dependencies. They are the easiest thing to lose track of, forget how to set up, etc. It's also generally nice to use the raw tools.

On a bigger project that I'll touch regularly and do more powerful thing with, I'm all for the right frameworks, preprocessors, etc. as long as they are appropriately mature and developer-friendly.

It's really nice to have a static personal site that does not need to be compiled or processed in any way, or rely on code that is not contained within the project. Maybe you can't do as much without it getting stringy, but I see that as sort of a bug instead of a feature.

Another tip: I'd advise inlining the CSS in the body and async the JavaScript if it's reasonable within your site structure. This radically reduces worst-case rendering latency.

This is my personal site:

Don't take it as an indication that I'm not 100% serious about what I've outlined above. 😋


I think this is the greatest personal site I've ever seen. I'd hire you in a heartbeat.


Thanks for your tips! Keep it simple, I like that. Your site is super awesome by the way. Where did you get your inspiration from? 😋


That was amazing and it brings me so much joy that pages like yours still exist. The only think I would suggest is that you add https so no one can ever ruin the masterpiece you have made.


lol @ the "Here is a link to nothing: localhost:3000"

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