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Discussion on: A message from Iran, asking for help on creating better proxies

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Ben Halpern

A few things that come to mind, but not my area of expertise...

Anything peer-to-peer seems vital to the health of anything to upkeep any solutions. I imagine this is already in place in some capacity, eh?

Reverse proxies or basically cached versions of certain resources and generally the encouragement of downloading libraries such as offline versions of Stack Overflow to ensure you always have access to information in general.

For an interesting read which could provide some food for thought... The Cuban CDN where content is literally driven around and delivered via USB drives.

The Art of Invisibility is a book that comes to mind that could provide a general guide to help avoid the detection. Of course I don't endorse the use of any of this information for unethical uses, which probably goes without saying.

Good luck, stay safe.

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Maysam Senaps

okay im disconnected, hope we can fix the connection and get this message out too, till then, about what we have:

we are building up a network. some people have teamspeak servers setup and are using that to talk, some p2p chat applications are being shared, but people have no way of installing those apps, so they need to download it from other people in the street...
the problem is, we can't launch an active group to provide help for people since police is just randomly shooting masses and has snipers setup on the rooftops to shoot people of interest.
and government has some basiji forces being used as a bot army to overload the networks and communities with false news and or taking people to wrong streets and getting them cought.