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Always strange when you go in to fix bug that you think is going to take you hours, but then 5 minutes later you're all git push and don't know what to do with yourself.


It was the bug where sometimes the inter-page navigation hangs. It's super annoying and I finally wrapped my head around why that is. I'm not 100% sure I fixed it but I feel pretty good about dealing with it in general.


I had the same nagging sensation with adding a cache to some APIs. In the end, it was as simple as adding 3 lines of code.


A bit out of this question, but I was fixing bug in one file, making changes there, used debugger, swearing a lot.

And then I looked into the path, it was the same filename, but path to it was different! So I was making changes in one file, but debugging/compiling another :(


Oh yeah, I did that once. Only once. Definitely hasn't happened tons of times. Nope. ;)


Web developers might be familiar with the "reloading production app and wondering why my changes aren't taking place!" pattern.


"Most coders think debugging software is about fixing a mistake, but that’s bull****. Debugging’s actually all about finding the bug, about understanding why the bug was there, to begin with, about knowing that its existence was no accident. It came to you to deliver a message, like an unconscious bubble floating to the surface, popping with a revelation you’ve secretly known all along." - Mr. Robot

Whenever I'm debugging pesky bugs like that I'm reminded of that quote. It's one of my favorite. 🙂


i often find myself free to have fun the rest of time.
i mean when i think fixing or making some task will require whole day and in fact it required 5 min then i feel like work is done for today and do nothing in thd rest of the day. Not sure if it is good or not :D


Holy! That's remembers me that I lost a robotics competition because I wrote a != instead == at a certain conditional expression on my robot's main module. I realize about my mistake 8 months later, when I was writing a research paper about some procedures used when building the robot.

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