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In software development, in order to get from loose ideas to actual working programs, we rely on patterns and frameworks in which to think. The computer doesn’t care about MVC or MVVM, or SQL or Java for that matter. But in order to get anything done, we distill our infinite possible approaches into concise patterns and conventions. This is important for individuals to wrap their heads around what they're doing and even more critical when team communication enters the picture. Sometimes I’ll have a far-out idea rattling around in my head, and it’s not until I hear it broken down in a book or blog post that equips me with the verbiage and frame of reference to organize my own thoughts.

So I want to present you a talk at GitHub Universe by Anjuan Simmons which I believe helps provide a framework from which to approach social issues which hold our industry back. Scott Hanselman recommended this to me when I was talking to him at a conference. He didn’t give me a list, or try to impart the lessons on me there, he just told me to watch the talk. So here I am recommending it to you.


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Anjuan Simmons

Thanks again, Ben!

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Simon MacDonald

This is an awesome talk. Thank you for explaining things so succinctly in ways in which I can take action.

Thank you Ben for bringing the talk to our attention.

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Anjuan Simmons

I really appreciate that, Ben!

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Stefan Dorresteijn

Happy birthday! Definitely gonna watch this during the commute home.

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Ben Hemphill

That's what I did as well. Thanks for lending your audience privilege!

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Massimo Artizzu

Happy birthday, Ben! Sorry I'm a bit late XD

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Bobby Priambodo

Happy birthday, Ben!

I really dig this form of post recommending talks to watch. YouTube can sometimes have hidden gems... perhaps it's good to make it a dedicated section (kinda like #discuss)? Just throwing out ideas :)

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Al Tsang

This is amazing! Thanks!

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Happy Birthday :)

I m watching this right now!