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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Charity Majors is my absolute favorite tech speaker

I saw Charity Majors talk at a conference I attended about a year ago and I've been keeping up with her talks ever since. Each one is brilliant. She's in the monitoring/ops/systems part of our industry which is a space filled with bullshit and buzzwords. Nobody cuts through it with humor and honesty like her.

She's the founder of which I've never used, but looks slick, and certainly well-done.

I leave you with a few talks/appearances you may want to watch. I'm not sure these are the good ones. Either way, follow her talks and keep up with her work. It will make you a better engineer.

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Kasey Speakman

Technology is mostly irrelevant to success in business. I just came from FaceBook who uses PHP. I rest my case.

I chuckled.

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Alexandru Dreptu

I have one curiosity. A while ago I've read Kevin Poulsen's book Kingpin which I enjoyed very much. I was wondering if she's the Charity Majors that Kevin is mentioning in his book as Max Butler's girlfriend.

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Hrishi Mittal

I watched a few minutes, she's pretty entertaining. I love the devops angst!

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Marek Dabek

Thank you, she's great!

I must say, that there are few other good presenters in our industry:

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Chris Raser

Thanks for posting this! Just watched the talk on serverlessness, and it's stellar. Also: rad title graphic.

I'm fascinated by the things she takes as given: maintenance costs dwarf development costs, technical debt must be dealt with, and is more expensive than building it right to begin with. (I think Sarah Mei has similar thoughts?)

Going to have to make my way through the other talks now. And I'm sure I'll come back to these several times. There's so, so much gold here.

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