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This Week in Code, for the Week of Sep 26 to Oct 2

It was a big week for all things Cyber. All of us 400-pound, 10-year-old hackers have been hard at work making releases, both commercial and not. Here is some of the stuff you might have missed.

Rust 1.12 release Several improvements, most notably overhauled error messages.

PostgreSQL 9.6 release New features include parallel query, synchronous replication improvements, phrase search, and improvements to performance and usability, as well as many more features.

Vue.js 2.0 release Vue is gaining a lot of attention as another viable option for user interface development. Release boasts performance improvements. This was already a big strength for the framework.

LeafletJS 1.0 release Leaflet is an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps

Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft form AI partnership The group is tasked with conducting research and promoting best practices. Notably absent is Apple.

Gitless An experimental version control system built on top of Git. It is designed to make Git easier to use while also being able to fall back on Git seamlessly. It seems quite well thought out.

Firefox announced Project Mortar In an attempt to reduce complexity and cut costs of development and maintenance, Firefox will begin looking for opportunities to integrate existing alternatives instead of building in-house, including implementations from other browser vendors.

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Data denormalization is broken Why it’s impossible to write good application-layer code for everyday business logic

Introduction of the .NET Standard An attempt at greater unification in .NET, met with a decent amount of criticism on Reddit

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