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This Week in Code, October 17th

In case you missed any of it, here are some of the most noteworthy links for the past week.

Facebook released Yarn package manager for JavaScript It's dubbed as a fast, reliable, and secure alternative npm client. It is compatable with the npm registry. Here is a statement from npm and here is some initial impressions from a Bugsnag.

Here are the performance numbers from Bugsnag's testing

command time (in seconds)
npm install 155s
yarn (cold cache) 53s
yarn (warm cache) 13s

GitHub and GitLab censor developer's research data The developer's list of websites containing Javascript malware. GitLab later issued a statement acknowledging that removing the list was an ill-advised move, and reinstated the list.

Visual Studio Code 1.6 released This was a pretty extensive release, including language improvements for JavaScript and TypeScript.

Becoming a CTO A great overview of what the title of CTO entails, and what it takes to do the job well. Everything here is subjective, but this acts as a conceptual roadmap for getting into this position.

Tesseract.js Pure Javascript OCR for 62 Languages

A couple Tesseract.js examples:

// simple example

// if we know our image is of spanish words without the letter 'e':
Tesseract.recognize(myImage, {
    lang: 'spa',
    tessedit_char_blacklist: 'e'
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Ada Lovelace Day: Who she was - and why we should remember her Tuesday was Ada Lovelace day, a celebration of one of computation's pioneers and all the contributions from women in STEM.

Bots are Playing a Bigger Role in the Election than People Realize A look at how software is influencing the dialogue in this election cycle.

How to be a compiler — make a compiler with JavaScript Learnings from making a compiler, both parts fun and informative.

Say Cheese: a snapshot of the massive DDoS attacks coming from IoT cameras Data from Cloudflare on two attacks DDoS, which act as perfect examples of the new trends in DDoS.

Taking PHP Seriously Why did Slack choose to build a new project in this language? Should you?

Great podcast episodes from this week

Kubernetes, Containers, and Go with Kelsey Hightower

Orchestrating and automating deployments with Octopus Deploy and Damian Brady

DevOps Handbook with Gene Kim


This week's #DevDiscuss Twitter chat was about "Getting into Go", here are the highlights.

The poll for this week's topic is still open and the choice is tight. The discussion will take place Tuesday (tomorrow), at 9pm EDT(UTC-0400).

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