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This Week in Code, November 21st

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In case you missed any of it, here are some of the most noteworthy links from the past week in our industry.

SpaceX plans worldwide satellite Internet with low latency, gigabit speed This project could have a great impact on the world, of course. It would also impact how we design and architect applications that may someday be consumable by virtually everyone in the world.

Quick, Draw Can a neural network learn to recognize doodles? This is a fun project by Google that shows off the power of neural nets.

Google Cloud is 50% cheaper than AWS A transparent, but opinionated, exploration into how Google Cloud and AWS stack up economically, as of right now.

To Learn Programming, Do Projects You Actually Care About I can relate to and agree with the sentiments expressed here. Motivation and interest are powerful tools for learning.

IP Over QR Code! Sending data using a webcam and a monitor reliably using QR code. This is a fascinating little project. This reminds me of the early history of telegraphy, which originated as a visual cue from the highest tower in a village.

Margaret Hamilton and Grace Hopper (postumously) receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom Two great technologists among those awarded the Nation's highest civilian honor.

Rust and the Future of Systems Programming An introduction to a video series that gives a good overview of what Rust is all about.

React v15.4.0 released A few important features and API adjustments. One really nice addition is profiling components with the Chrome timeline. This lets you see which components exactly get mounted, updated, and unmounted, how much time they take relative to each other.

profiling components with the Chrome timeline


Debugging Stories with Haseeb Qureshi A thrilling read of three classic debugging stories. I really enjoyed this. Absolutely wonderful listen.

Servo and Rust with Jack Moffitt A discussion with "the first professional Rust developer." Servo is an experimental web browser layout engine. What makes Rust a good fit for this effort?


Last week's #DevDiscuss Twitter chat was about imposter syndrome, here are the highlights.

Our weekly #DevDiscuss Twitter chat returns tomorrow (Tuesday at 9pm EST(UTC - 0500). The topic will be up for a vote tonight via Twitter poll.

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