re: What tool/framework/cms/etc do you use to build your own personal website? VIEW POST


I know that I could accomplish it with plain HTML and some CSS.
As I'm not usually writing CSS I'm sticking to frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap for the responsiveness.

I then use something to convert markdown to HTML on the fly to make websites easy to edit and look good in both text and rendered form.

For my blog I've built something home grown to also apply syntax highlighting and build a single page app that loads content from different files using AJAX.

If I had a CI and CD framework that allows me to properly run setup steps before deploying the source code, without the resulting files ever being versioned in git, I'd stick to a templating engine to create HTML and CSS only, without JS at all.

As an ops person with a vast knowledge of shellscript I'd probably write the templating myself.
Maybe a Makefile or something.…

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