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Hey Peter. Love the AMA.

Tell me something that you strongly believe, that almost nobody agrees with you on.


This is a fantastic question... I've been thinking about an answer on/off since you asked it, but I don't have anything I'm satisfied with yet. I'll keep pondering.

How would you answer this question?


I can't take credit for the question, as Peter Thiel is famous for asking this in job interviews. I believe there are some philosophical/moral topics that 99% of the population immediately write-off as disgusting or inhumane, but when you break the issues down to their first-principles, the contrarian perspective makes more and more sense (e.g. cannibalism, drug decriminalization, etc.). I don't necessarily vouch for legal changes within some of these subjects, but rather, I disagree with the logic as to why they are 'outlawed'. It's all very abstract of course, but we should chat more over a coffee/beer in the new year.

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